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Could a Kitchen Remodel Improve Your Eating Habits

Is the environment you’re eating in affecting your food consumption?  Recent research implies this may be true.  A recent article by Brian Wansick PhD Cornell University, suggests that environment plays a large role in food consumption.  Dr. Wansick fleshes out the idea that environmental factors can distract or stress an individual while they are eating, causing […]

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Respiratory Issues and Office Furniture

Although this research is 5 years old, it still remains true that paint, carpeting and upholstery treatment of office chairs and workstations may be emitting chemicals into the workplace environment that can cause respiratory issues. If you’re concerned about the air quality in your workplace, contact Pioneer Restoration today for IICRC certified air quality testing […]

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Bathroom Updates that Add a Touch of Class

Looking to freshen the look of that dated ugly bathroom without spending a fortune on a remodel?  We’ve found a few great ideas that interior designers use to give old spaces a quick and easy facelift. Funky Mirror: Head out to the antique market or a few garage sales, and hunt down a great looking […]

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Home Improvements During the Dry Season

Looking to make some DIY home improvements this summer?  Well we’ve done a little research and, according to the experts, here are just a few of the best projects to tackle during the dry season. Interior Paint: Because rain is less likely, it’s easier to move furniture out to the garage or a porch if […]

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Indoor Plants to Improve Air Quality in the Workplace

Back in the 80’s NASA and a national association of professional landscaping contractors embarked on air-quality control studies to determine if indoor plants could improve air-quality in air-tight spaces. Happily, the research lead to the discovery that there are many plants that can actually filter out common Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) some of which are […]

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Professional Odor Abatement Services

“What’s that smell?”  Guests are unlikely to ask that question when entering your home or office, but if you find yourself or your family members noticing a lingering odor, your health could be at risk.  Lingering odors are almost without exception caused by airborne particles that are hazardous to humans and pets.  Natural odor absorbers […]

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Freshen Area Rugs Between Deep Cleans

Area rugs bring a room together by creating visual delineations in large spaces and often serve as a focal point. When area rugs need deep cleaning, it’s best to send them out to a professional, but in the meantime, there are steps you can take to keep your area rug looking and smelling fresh. The […]

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