Preventing and Addressing Sewage Odors in Your Home

Sewage backup can lead to harsh odors and mold growth in your Bend, Oregon home. These can be expensive problems to fix. Numerous factors can cause sewer backup, including:

Tree roots blocking the sewer line
Excess volume within combined sewage and stormwater pipelines
A blockage in the city’s sanitary mainline
Old sewer systems

While you may think that your municipality is responsible for any sewage loss, that is not the case. You as the homeowner must maintain the pipe between the main city line and your home.

That means that if you smell a foul odor in your home after a flood, you must find storm damage restoration specialists to address the issue. The city won’t make the repairs for you. This is why you should take steps to prevent a major sewage backup and subsequent mold growth.

Preventing Sewer Problems

An easy way to keep your pipes clean is to properly discard any paper products or grease in the garbage. Putting grease in a drain or paper towels, wipes and diapers in a toilet can cause clogs.

The connections within the plumbing system itself can also lead to backups. Consider installing a backwater valve that blocks sewage from returning to your pipes.

Any sump pumps or French drains connected to your sewers can cause a buildup of silt and debris. In fact, it is illegal to attach these flood control systems to a sewer. Have a plumber remove these connections if necessary.

Addressing Sewer Problems

Cleaning up sewer issues can be dangerous due to the presence of bacteria and mold. The remediation should thus be left to the experts. They can repair walls, disinfect floors and plumbing fixtures and steam clean carpets.

If left unaddressed, mold growth can occur following a sewage backup. This mold could cause even more damage to your home. It may also create a foul stench. Cleanup professionals should deodorize and disinfect this flood water right away before the smell spreads to the entire house.

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