Safety Tips for the Kitchen

For many, spending time in the kitchen is a relaxing pastime, a chance to unwind from the daily grind. In fact, as people get lost in crafting a recipe, the world becomes focused on ingredients, measurements, and aromas. Sometimes, however, disaster strikes even in the happiest of moments. A kitchen fire, for example, is not joking matter. It happens in seconds, can create damage and is hard to handle. Whether this space is your favorite spot or simply what you have to do, you’ll need to be prepared. Here are three tips for making your place safer from these flames.

1. Remain Focused

A few sparks can quickly turn into more significant fire damage, especially when residents aren’t keeping an eye on the stove. When it’s time to create a dish, you want to remain in the room, with eyes on the pots and heat source. If something gets out of hand, you can react immediately, minimizing damage. If you’re in the other room, though, you may not know until it gets out of hand.

2. Remember Space

One of the more valuable, but often neglected tips is to establish borders around hot spots. Your burners can hurt you, and they can ruin and react with other things. For instance, objects such as pot holders could be a hazard if left to close to the oven’s eye. The cloth begins to burn, acting as a catalyst for something worse. Make sure you keep cookware on the stove and everything else away.

Purchase Equipment

Be prepared for a grease fire. Should oil spark, try to complete several steps. Turn off the source. Then, place a lid on the pot or pan. If that isn’t working, try baking soda or salt. Finally, reach for a fire extinguisher within the room. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, exit the residence, and call 911. Allow the emergency workers and the fire restoration company in Sisters, OR to handle the destruction and rebuild.

Use the following tips to minimize your exposure. Don’t get distracted, and think distance.

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