How Mold Ravages Your Home

Mold usually grows outdoors on trees and plants but can creep inside your home if there’s enough moisture. Once black mold releases tiny spores into the air, the spores can get into your water supply and affect other appliances such as your air conditioning unit. The fungus can also damage your clothing, furniture and other valuables. As a homeowner in Redmond, OR you need to inspect your home to detect any indications of a moisture problem. These are the steps you should take to see where the mold is coming from:

Identify the Source

There are several places
where mold will grow if there’s enough water. Black mold exploits these areas before spreading into other areas in your home:

-Plumbing leaks
-Roof leaks
-The basement
-The bathroom


If left undetected, the fungus can spread into your carpet and wood furniture like tables and dressers. It’s also important to consider air circulation, so you want to check any narrow, dark spaces throughout your house. Mold thrives in these damp areas and will often grow in window sills, drywall and anything with cellulose, such as household plants. Ceilings and floorboards also attract mold. What these areas have in common is their exposure to moisture, which mold needs to survive.

Check for Moldy Smells

The fungus is well-known for its strong, musty odor. Organic compounds are released from spores as they enter the atmosphere, contributing to the smell. This is a sign that mold is quickly spreading in your home. Even if you cannot see where it’s coming from, you can usually find out where it’s growing by looking at how it manifests. Penicillium often grows in food and cellulose, so you could assume it’s coming from the kitchen. Stachybotrys, known as black mold, has a branchlike appearance and can grow in the basement or attic.

Mold cleanup is complex and you shouldn’t do it on your own. Although mold dries out, it can still again grow when exposed to moisture unless it is removed completely. A remediation service can solve the problem more effectively and help save your home.

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