Mold Can Still Grow During the Winter

How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Winter Mold spores are all around us, but the growth of mold can be prevented. Mold needs moisture, warmth and food in order to grow in your home. When you deprive mold of moisture, warmth and food, you will stop it from growing, but you won’t kill the […]

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Protect Your Foundation as Snow Melts

Water seeping into a dwelling is not covered by homeowners’ insurance, (covered by flood insurance) so if your home sustains water damage as the snow melts, this can become a very expensive problem.  Here are 5 tips for protecting the foundation from flooding during the spring thaw. Make sure gutters are clear and downspouts drain […]

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Common Types of Mold

The Most Common Household Mold Types Alternaria is one of the more common molds found indoors and outdoors is alternaria. Alternaria usually appears in areas that are damp like the sink, shower, or dark and dimly lit areas outside the home. Health problems associated with alternaria include asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Aspergillus This mold […]

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Prevent Water Damage During the Winter Months

Causes Of Winter Home Water Damage – The more you know, the better prepared you can be. While water damage may occur at any time of year, cold temperatures and inclement weather can combine to trigger winter water damage such as leaks and water intrusion, particularly in residential structures. Another aspect of winter damage is […]

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Prevent Water Damage to Your Furnace This Winter

Prevent water damage to your furnace this winter The furnace in your home is the most important appliance in the winter. The impact of home water damage is bad no matter how you look at it, but having your furnace damaged when the temps are freezing outside can be catastrophic. Here are two simple but […]

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Prevent Water Damage while on Vacation – 5 Helpful Tips

After you clean, finish all laundry, put mail on hold, and get the doggies to the boarder, don’t forget to “flood-proof” your home or apartment before you leave for vacation. It’s not hard to set off for a great vacation with peace of mind that your home and property won’t flood while you’re away.  Here […]

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Keeping Rodents Out

It’s getting cold, and who can blame them for seeking a little comfort? We may all find the little mice in “Frederick” adorable as they winter in the stone wall, their droppings can spread disease and increase allergens.  So we definitely don’t want them in our homes or crawlspaces. Here are 5 Tips to keep […]

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